We now must ask our elected officials and government staff to stand up for our neighborhoods!   You can write one email and put all of the addresses in the “To” line, or send individual emails.

Reach out to Make a Difference

Make your emails personal and share why you think our neighborhoods are worth fighting for!

Who To Contact

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

 The developer’s land use plans must be approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  The Board consists of a county-wide chair and a representative from each district. Our current Board Chair is Sharon Bulova and our Hunter Mill district representative is Catherine “Cathy” Hudgins. Both Supervisor Bulova and Supervisor Hudgins are retiring this year. 

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Candidates

Jeff McKay is the Democratic nominee for the Board Chair, and Joe Galdo is the Republican nominee. Walter Alcorn is the Democratic nominee for the Hunter Mill district board seat, and he is running unopposed. It is important to email the candidates as well as the current elected officials so that the incoming chair and board member will be up to speed with the problems with this project.  

Virginia State Elected Official

If you are concerned about the crosswalks and the traffic and risks to pedestrian safety they will cause, it is important that you also reach out to our Virginia State Senator, Janet Howell, and our Virginia State Delegate, Ken Plum. They are our neighbors and can be our voice with the Virginia Department of Transportation.  

Fairfax County Government

There are three key government officials and staff you should also reach out to. They are working hard on this project now, and it is important they hear from you. John Carter is the Hunter Mill District Planning Commissioner. Mary Ann Tsai is the principal Fairfax County staffer reviewing this project. Goldie Harrison is Supervisor Hudgins’ staffer in charge of housing, land use, and the comprehensive plan. 

Reston Association

This project will have a direct impact on neighborhoods currently in the Reston Association (RA). If you agree that RA should be standing up for our neighborhoods, email the RA staff and Board as well. Julie Bitzer is the RA Board member for our area. Hank Lynch is the CEO and Larry Butler is the COO.