VOTE NOW - in the RA Board Elections

Vote for Bob & Sarah March 2 - April 3

The upcoming Reston Association 2020 Board of Directors election is critical for the independence and financial well-being of Reston as a planned community. 

SOS has chosen to endorse two candidates.

Please join us in electing Bob Petrine & Sarah Selvaraj-Dsouza.

We know that these two candidates will make sure that your:

RA Board is transparent
RA Board is fiscally responsible and 
RA property remains RA property (and isn't transferred to Fairfax County Parks and Recreation)

As you know, our experience with Campus Commons required that we become experts overnight in planning and zoning laws because neither the developer nor the RA Board informed our neighborhoods of the upcoming development.  When our Lake Thoreau pool was being re-evaluated, RA distributed conflicting information regarding its future and neighbors showed up in force to make sure our concerns were addressed.  Finally, this latest "letter to boat owners" which was sent out by the General Counsel of RA on February 12 which tells boat owners if they are even less than one inch out of compliance, then their boat won't convey when they sell their property. This tells us that RA is not focused on issues that matter.

We need to elect Sarah and Bob because they know and understand these issues. They have both lived in Reston for years and have been involved with our  community issues. They will let us know what development is going on around us, they will use our dues wisely for updating and maintaining our amenities and they won't focus on micro-assessing boat owners with less than 1 inch size overages. 

Join us in electing Sarah and Bob so they can help RA be transparent, fiscally responsible and focus on real issues.  

Sincerely, SOS