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Tree Preservation

Runoff into Lake Thoreau

Runoff into Lake Thoreau



Retaining the maximum number of mature trees on the site as possible is a hot-button issue with the community. Our concern is that the draft proffer only offers to “consult” with an arborist and does not expressly agree to find a way to preserve these environmental treasures. Since 2018, Reston has been officially designated as a Biophilic City, commended for its efforts to highlight natural resources and conserve existing tree coverage. In light of the Master Plan’s mandate to protect tree canopy, including on TSA sites, as an “important component of the Reston visual experience,” we request more engagement and discussions with the developer on mutually agreeable ways to best accomplish that goal.  

Runoff into Lake Thoreau

Runoff into Lake Thoreau

Runoff into Lake Thoreau


The developer will tell you that they tested the runoff and that they will actually be doing better than the current flow by absorbing water on the roofs!  What they don't tell you is that they are basing this on a 2.75 inch baseline flow rate so if it rains more than that.....

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Impact on Infrastructure


In addition to road infrastructure, numerous questions remain about the impact of over 600 new families on schools that are already overcrowded and under strain. At each meeting, residents have questioned projected student numbers, school bus routes and their impact on traffic, and whether the proffer money will remain in Reston to benefit our local educational infrastructure. 

Beyond this, public advertising for this project is already touting the availability to their future occupants of Reston’s trails, parks, public swimming pools, and common grounds, raising concerns about the potential strain on our own Reston Association (RA) amenities. 

While their development team has mentioned engaging in discussion with RA over membership, clarification on this critical point is needed now, before the Planning Commission vote.  

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