Campus Commons

The developer didn't think the community would pay attention, but we did!

Major concessions won, but 6,100 daily cars will be added and pedestrian connections to the metro are missing.  Learn more and get involved!


TF Cornerstone has submitted a rezoning application  approved by the Board of Supervisors for the  Campus Commons project near Wiehle Metro station. 

This development will be the first large-scale project to directly abut longtime residential neighborhoods of single-family houses and low-rise townhomes, making it precedent-setting.  It will add 649 new households, and according to the developer's traffic impact study, it will add 6,100 new car trips onto Sunrise Valley each day. 

However, the developer's project does not meet many aspects of our Reston Master Plan and planning process.  Moreover, the community continues to voice significant concerns over building height and scale, pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, and impact on our stressed infrastructure, among other issues.   The Reston Planning and Zoning Committee declined to approve this project twice but the Fairfax Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors approved after the community gained several modifications from the developer.  


If this is the first you are hearing about this project, you are not alone. The developers have admitted they failed to engage our neighbors. They kept us in the dark, and they are betting that we will be silent. 

Save Our Sunrise has been organizing our neighbors and working with other organizations including Reston Citizens Association, Rescue Reston, Coalition for a Planned Reston and Reston 20/20, who have successfully achieved major changes to proposed developments in our area.  Join us in.  Your attendance matters.  One extra person can change the conversation. 

Stay Involved

Next Steps


Although the TF Cornerstone will move on to the project site plan process, the community will stay actively engaged.

  • Cathy Hudgins included a follow on motion instructing TF Cornerstone work with the community during each step of the development process.
  • The community and other local agencies will participate in a study for safe pedestrian crossing on Wiehle Avenue.
  • The county will conduct an examination of the entire Sunset Hills/Sunrise Valley/Wiehle corridor to identify ways to better coordinate sidewalks and improve connectivity for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.

Community at Fairfax County Planning Commission Meeting.
Community at Fairfax County Planning Commission Meeting.